Herring River Books


Tidal Water - A History of Wellfleet's Herring River

By John W. Portnoy, Alice M. Iacuessa and Barbara A. Brennessel

Tidal Water describes the history of the Herring River in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. The book provides an overview of the post-glacial formation of the Herring River valley to modern initiatives to restore tidal flow and salt marsh to the River’s estuary. The book features some of the important ecology, people, and events that frame the history of this important waterway, which flows from Wellfleet’s famous kettle ponds and Truro uplands into Wellfleet Harbor.

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Herring River Adventure

By Alice M. Iacuessa
Edited by William M. Iacuessa
Illustrated by Sam Hunter Magee

Three cousins embark on a canoe adventure. Along the way, they learn about the Herring River and the need for its restoration.

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The Adventures of Allie the Alewife

By Barbara Brennessel
Illustrated by Marisa Picariello

The life history of river herring is told from the perspective of Allie the alewife. Allie is a juvenile river herring, who joins other small alewives at the end of summer as they make their way from their natal pond, down the river and to the open ocean. When they are older, they become part of the annual spring migration; they travel from the ocean back to their natal pond to spawn. Along the way, they encounter several obstacles. A river restoration project contributes to the success of their annual journey.

To purchase a copy of The Adventures of Allie the Alewife, stop by the Friends of Herring River office or buy online.


Our Cape Cod Salt Marshes

by Dorothy Sterling

In 1976, Dorothy Sterling, a Wellfleet resident and author, wrote a book titled “Our Cape Cod Salt Marshes” in cooperation with The Association to Preserve Cape Cod. It’s a wonderful history and description of our local marshes.

View a copy below, or check it out in the Wellfleet Library. Well worth reading.


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