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Friends of Herring River is committed to restoring and sustaining the environmental vitality of the Herring River estuary for its multiple benefits to people and nature.

Friends of Herring River was incorporated in 2009 as a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Re-establishment of salt marsh plants

Re-establishment of salt marsh plants

In the month since mulching finished for the season, native salt marsh plants have already begun to colonize the Duck Harbor over-wash plain. Maritime Orache (Atriplex acadiensis) and Salt Meadow Cordgrass (Spartina patens) hug a tree stump. Maritime Orache (broad...


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The Herring River Restoration project will revive 1,100 acres of tidal salt marsh that was highly productive before the dike at Chequessett Neck Road, installed in 1909, impeded the tidal flow, decimated the herring run, and caused general ecological degradation.


Herring River Restoration

The overall goal of the Herring River Restoration Project is to create a productive, natural environment that will sustain itself with improved water quality and a strengthened ecosystem by restoring tidal flow to the estuary.


Restoration Area Map

The Herring River Restoration Project includes multiple activities over a period of several years to eventually restore tidal flow and ecological functions to the degraded 890-acre former estuary.

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Friends of Herring River

Friends of Herring River

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