Announcing Our Year-End Appeal!

Nov 15, 2023

Essential capacity & building bridges 

For nearly fifteen years, FHR has built deep relationships and environmental knowledge and added essential advocacy and capacity to the Herring River Restoration Project (HRRP). The HRRP co-owners, the National Park Service and Town of Wellfleet, and Herring River Technical Team continue to rely on FHR to deliver:

  • community engagement and non-construction contract management
  • staff expertise for permitting, technical reviews, facilitation
  • oversight of project documentation and data storage/access
  • coordination of monitoring of federally and state listed species

FHR also seeks to build a guide for restorations elsewhere – the HRRP is becoming a prominent model! The arrival of the temporary bridge marks local progress while FHR also increases connections to groups and projects regionally. 

Your donation matters – and will be matched!

Previously the operating costs for our non-profit were funded by the project grants. However, this is no longer true. The nature of this work requires expensive insurances, external accounting services, and extensive annual audits. All of these costs, as well as our outreach and evolving mission, are solely FHR’s responsibility. Without support, FHR will have to reduce core support to the HRRP project and partners.

We are excited to announce we just received a $10,000 pledge to match incoming donations. Every contribution matters! All donations directly support environmental restoration and coastal resiliency in the dynamic Herring River estuary and will soon help advance restorations elsewhere.

If you have already donated this year, please know we are deeply grateful! If you haven’t yet contributed, we hope you will consider doing so.

THANK YOU in advance for your generosity!