NOAA Awards Herring River Restoration Project, Phase 1 – Town of Wellfleet: $14.6 million

Apr 21, 2023

Funding Source: Transformational Habitat Restoration and Coastal Resilience Grants
This investment will support the first phase of the Herring River Restoration Project, the largest salt marsh restoration effort in the Northeast United States. The project will help restore the flood and storm protection functions of a healthy salt marsh, rebuild and improve the resilience of local bridges and roads, improve water quality and habitat for fish and shellfish, and help the marsh regain elevation and keep pace with sea level rise. Upon completion, the overall effort will restore 890 acres of tidal wetlands and reconnect a functioning estuary to Cape Cod Bay and the Gulf of Maine.

This award to the Town of Wellfleet is part of $27.5 Million for projects in Massachusetts to strengthen climate-ready coasts as part of Investing in America agenda

NOAA Nationally: Biden-Harris Administration recommends $562 million investment to make communities resilient to climate impacts as part of Investing in America agenda