Chequessett Neck Road Bridge Construction Update – August 2023

Aug 3, 2023

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• MIG Construction has continued construction activities on the Chequessett Neck Road Bridge. Activities have focused on installation of components that will comprise the temporary bridge.
• MIG has installed the steel sheeting and tie rods that form parts of the temporary bridge abutments on both the northern and southern sides of the Herring River.
• MIG has backfilled and compacted the temporary bridge abutments with gravel material.
• MIG has conducted load testing on a steel pipe pile that will form the foundation for the permanent bridge. Steel pipe piles are cylindrical steel tubes that are driven to a specified depth to distribute loads to the underlying soil layers.
• Upcoming work will include the installation of steel pipe piles that will form the piers that carry the temporary bridge across the river.
• Note that fish passage and tidal flow is maintained during construction activities.